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Advertising card. Colorado bread manufacturer. Dotty, Bob and Trix card, thematic AROUND THE WORLD series. Brawner-Waggaman Co. Ca. 1900. Chromolithograph, 3 3/8 x 6 1/8". All card shows a young boy and girl in countries all over the world in landscapes, with animals ( anthorpomorph ) . The verso of cards are balnco or with advertising text pertaining to the adventure series; and an ad for bread. With directions for cutting out to form an easel to self stand.

see all available cards at this moment

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On this site you are looking at mostly Victorian and earlier printed lithographic advertising cards, Most of the time , distributed in those old days in sets of six, These were edited by internationsl food companies from 1870 to 1960 mostly All cards you buy will be in a very good condition If the Paypal icon is behind the text then this means : available now and you can buy immediately If no Paypal available, then probably is available but price will be only indicatif Country flags means that sets are in the language of that particular country flag

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BAN: BE32789534187102 BIC: BACBBEBB
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All the items ordered will be kept at your disposal for 15 days
these items will remain the full property of the seller until full payment of the price mentioned.
Posting costs are same as my stamps at Belgian post office, no shipping and handling costs

Chromo Trade Card TRIX

Thematic website on chromo lithographic printed advertising ephemera. Trade cards from chocolate and other food Company's have mostly 6 cards in a set, mainly on same subject, generally between 1870 and 1920. Later editions have their albums and sets were larger.
I don’t have the time to make photographs of the 300.000 cards that I have for sale … these photographs are just to illustrate what kind of material we have … most of the time it is for sale ( but can just be sold, can be a buy-not-buy-decision from people who cannot decide in a few days and let me wait for their acts ). So please take necessary action to build up a relationship with me … I am only one millisecond from your telephone : +32 475 69 28 47

- Money back garanty

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- we sell only genuine items