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Schotensesteenweg 173

telephone :
mobile 00 32 475 69 28 47


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this email address : albert@chromo.be

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BAN: BE32789534187102


I can show you sets on my webcam

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Ref: SCHILLER -  free shipping above 40€, WORLDWIDE only if under 50 gr.

Year: 1910

If available, price: 2500,00 €
Ask me if available.

Fréderick von SCHILLER - gouache Liebig EXAMPLE : set 0974 anno 1910 - Artwork paintings, six cards in each set.

30 different sets GOUACHES ( watercolor , watercolour ), original paintings to produce the lithostone for litho chromos

watercolors GOACHE original paintings for LIEBIG 6 cards PUB chromo sets

ART liebig watercolour watercolor ; these are all the titles

date title TAAL number

1895 trucs cinema 459 1898 walfishfang 545 1902 conte de Monté christo 697 1902 VERDI 717 1904 scenes de route 797 1906 Samson 858 1906 la vie de rembrand 863 1906 en suède 869 1907 l'art chez diff 880 1907 phares 891 1907 katten 892 1908 foires et marches 894 1907 turkestan 914 1909 fauna aquatique 926 1909 fetes dans l'antiquité 928 1911 production du feu 932 1911 culture du coton 952 1911 tiere toppen bergen 958 1909 jours d'été extreme nord 961 1911 lumière 962 1909 la traviata 965 1909 plantes tinctoriales 969 1910 F réderique schiller 974 1909 De l'histoire du tissage 979 1910 evolution du commerce 993 1911 evolution des instruments de musique 1008 1911 fleurs adorantes 1019 1911 tours 1032 1913 animaux curieux 1035 1912 cote d'azur 1060 191 3 mimitisme 1065

only available as a collection, together with complete 1872 to 1962 Belgian cllection. But I have a personal collection too of ALL countries NOT available for individual sales, only as FULL

here are lots of photos ( click on the liink to the Flcker site and see part of my collection of watercolour original art from the Liebig's company :

Gouaches originals

Further more I have big collection of Menu cards, all table-cards, calendars and some not-listed in catalogue sets, games, advertising of all kinds, enamels, etc etc…

I am on retirement now, and the shop remains open for about 15 years more ... until all is sold. Maybe I can find a business partner, owner of an antique shop who wants a big niche more,OR … a bookseller trippling his thematic subjects range OR … a stampdealer etc. Do not hesitate to visit me, if in Antwerp … Skype me or phone 0032475692847

If you are a real collector then make an appointment to talk with me about acquiring parts of my collections which i have accumulated during more than 65 years, and so did alreaddy my grandfather for 80 years too.

here are photographs of a small part of my collections : MORE than 100,000 photos of cards.

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55 years in business
BTW 512 786 144
HRA 180307

Paypal : albert.van.den.bosch@skynet.be
Belgique - Dexia 789 – 5341871 - 02
International BANK transfer (free in Europe)
BAN: BE32789534187102 BIC: BACBBEBB
Prices are in Euro
Most of the time only once available … can have been ordered already …
Please use telephone, email of snail mail to send your order
Prices are incl. V.A.T. and invoice on demand
Smaller defaults are not mentioned, condition is overall very good
All the items ordered will be kept at your disposal for 15 days
these items will remain the full property of the seller until full payment of the price mentioned.
Posting costs are same as my stamps at Belgian post office, no shipping and handling costs

Chromo Trade Card SCHILLER


Thematic website on chromo lithographic printed advertising ephemera. Trade cards from chocolate and other food Company's have mostly 6 cards in a set, mainly on same subject, generally between 1870 and 1920. Later editions have their albums and sets were larger.
I don’t have the time to make photographs of the 300.000 cards that I have for sale … these photographs are just to illustrate what kind of material we have … most of the time it is for sale ( but can just be sold, can be a buy-not-buy-decision from people who cannot decide in a few days and let me wait for their acts ). So please take necessary action to build up a relationship with me … I am only one millisecond from your telephone : +32 475 69 28 47

- Money back garanty

- Worldwide free shipping on card purchases above 40 euro

- we sell only genuine items